About us.

Our mission.

We create hybrid blockchain solutions that enable the evolution of the borderless economy for businesses and individuals, delivering security, privacy, and scalability.

Enya Labs is a core contributor to Boba Network, a multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup that aims to unlock the potential of rollup technology and enable interoperability between blockchains and the real world. The protocol is fully compatible with EVM-based tools and has already deployed multichain support for Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB, and Fantom, supporting lightning-fast transactions and fees anywhere from 40-100X less than the respective layer-1. Boba Network is powered by HybridCompute™ technology that brings the power of Web2 on-chain, with smarter smart contracts that allow developers to leverage off-chain compute and real-world data to deliver enriched experiences for decentralized applications.

Our vision.

We envision a future of self-sovereignty where everyone can achieve their full potential through access to education, jobs, and capital regardless of birthplace or socioeconomic status.

The team.

Alan Chiu

Co-Founder & CEO

Violet Abtahi

Chief Operating Officer

Early Growth

CFO Services

Ino Murko

Engineering Lead

Feras Al Sadek

Head of the MENA region

Michelle Padron

VP of People

Thomas Oser II

Business Operations

Curtis Schlaufman

Global Head of Marketing

The investors.